1. sailor says

    To be fair to Shelly hers were Nerdy cakes.
    “I can’t quite imagine why a cephalopod would want to do that, when there are so many attractive molluscs in the sea.”
    What makes you think it wasn’t just having a meal?

  2. Pierce R. Butler says

    Which link leads you to others on the same site…

    one of which leads you to

    which generates random quotes with random ASCII art …

    which includes an option for “offensive atheist” quotations…

    some of which are pretty good:

    / "We may rest assured that God would never have suffered
    | |
    | any infants to be slain except those who were already |
    | |
    | damned and predestined for eternal death." |
    | |
    | [John Calvin, rationalizing the slaughter |
    | |
    of infants in the Old Testament] /
    (__) )/
    ||----w |
    || ||

    (Alas, if only the [TT] monospaced-font command worked here…)

  3. Robert Madewell says

    Hey PZ,
    That cephalopod is not having sex with barbie! He’s eating her! Doesn’t cephalopod sex have something to do with the male puting a dab of sperm on the female with his tentacle? Not as intrusive as mammalian sex?

  4. Graculus says

    Didn’t you learn from the “Tentacle Sex” episode?

    Expect a whole bunch of creepy searches to end up here.

  5. says

    As the creator of the cake I have to say I was inspired by the combination of “Creepy half a barbie on a stick to put on a cake” (the dolls have no lower legs, just a toothpick) and the octopus cake pan sold by Williams and Sonoma for a very brief period…it seems they’ve been pulled from the shelves.

    The flickr set for all the pictures of my cake is here FYI.