1. tony says

    <splutter>but… PZ

    HE put one of your buddies in a pie…. with sprinkles!!! and he didn’t even eat it!</splutter>

  2. says

    I first read 213 things Skippy is no longer allowed to do in the US Army years ago.

    Skippy has been a personal hero of mine ever since.

  3. Carl says

    Fun with animals or what?
    This is pathetic and makes me sick. Sure the squid was dead already and otherwise eaten (a more respectable use) but it illustrates the kind of respect some people have regarding other lifeforms besides their own (oh wait, it was the military right?). Makes sense of course from a biblical perspective where animals were made for humans to do with what they please.
    I don’t want to come off here like some animal rights activist or anything, but think about it…

  4. Tegumai Bopsulai, FCD says


    A VIKING ship made from ice-cream sticks set sail across the Netherlands’ IJsselmeer lake yesterday and its stuntman builder hopes to cross the Atlantic later.

    He needs a crew daring enough to repeat the ancient Viking route to North America via Iceland and Greenland.

  5. says

    ah man, you can’t put sprinkles on squid… parsley sprinkles, maybe, but technicolour ones?

    (says the programmer who puts spray cream on Pop Tarts)


  6. Jeb, FCD says

    PZ, I love you and all but, if you ever post anything that funny again without warning me, I will come up to Morris and immasculate you with a rusty spoon.

    I laughed until I yacked, you blowhard jerk.

    Thanks for that!