YearlyKos gets another great attraction

Most people who are planning to attend YearlyKos in Chicago are planning to do so because of all the politicians and wonks wandering around. Now there’s a better reason to go: The Field Museum is going to have an exhibit you won’t want to miss — Darwin!

Can you imagine how peeved I am that I can’t go now?


  1. Chinchillazilla says

    Aaaah yay! We already have plans to go to Chicago in like three weeks to visit my sister!

  2. Mats says

    Great! Another darwinian museum, as if we didn’t have enough of those.

    hmmm… I wonder if this will be fair and balanced view of Darwin?

    The Origin of Species stands as the foundation for all modern biology.

    Forget my above question.

    Now, 150 years after its publication, discover the man and the revolutionary theory that changed the world.

    For the better or for the worse?

    In this spectacular exhibition, you will view the most complete collection of Charles Darwin’s manuscripts, artifacts, memorabilia, and other rare personal belongings.

    Don’t forget to include in there all the racist, and mysogynistic remarks he made on the “The Descent of Man” and other writtings.

    As always, the strawman arguements are present:

    And Earth itself was thought to be so young–perhaps only 6,000 years old–that there would not have been time for species to change. In any case, people were not part of the natural world; they were above and outside it.

    Nonsense. The world before Darwin believed that humans were linked with nature, NOT by common descent, BUT by Common Designer.

    Misrepresentation of the opponents must be one of the reasons why people are skeptical of unguided evolutionism. Keep it up!

    By the way, I noticed that my post regarding the rabbidness of atheists was deleted? I guess that proves my point regarding the “tolerance” of atheists, doesn’t it?

  3. mena says

    Well, Chicago is only a six or seven hour ride from Minneapolis. I don’t know how far it is from Morris but it’s a fairly easy trip unless you get stuck in construction traffic along 94 or 90. See the Darwin exhibit but also look who lives next door to the Field Museum!

  4. Bifrost says


    Perhaps you could open a god exhibit that features the BiBULL as the written word of god. Oh, and don’t forget to include the racist, and misogynistic remarks from that work.

  5. says

    I was fortunate enough to be able to catch the Darwin exhibit (several times!) at the MOS in Boston. It was *so cool* to see the actual specimens he had collected in the Galapagos, his diary, and other personal artifacts.

    I know I should ignore the trolls, but come on, Mats — evolution *is* the foundation of all (reputable) modern biology. Even my born-again bio professor in college had NO problem accepting Christ *and* not denying the evidence before him that evolution was (as he thought of it) the way in which the Creator made the world. You don’t have to be a literalist to be a Christian. Christ never said anything about 6 literal days of creation. He never said a word about evolution. The important thing to him was that you have a relationship with God. Period. He probably wouldn’t care that you’re wearing a mixed-fiber shirt of pants, either (although that gets way more attention in the OT than 6 literal days do).

  6. Foggg says

    Niles Eldredge, who organized the thing, opened the exhibit last night with a great presentation, which ended with a discussion of ID as just another retread of creationism.

  7. Kseniya says

    Jan Andrea: I saw the exhibit in Boston, too. It was very interesting and *so cool* just as you say! The inclusion of live specimens helped it all – for lack of a better term – come alive. :-)

    Nice try with Mats, but IMO Mats has proven himself to be a troll. He throws down the gauntlet, then disregards the responses except to spit at the feet of anyone who took the time to compose a meaningful reply, ignores everything that contradicts or even challenges his pre-set beliefs, then projects that behavior on everyone else. (In other words, he behaves as one would expect an anti-evolution cave troll to behave.) A quick review of the Gigantoraptor thread demonstrates and confirms this. Further evidence may be unearthed in older Pharyngula entries – but why bother, eh?

    He had his chance. The door to discourse was open, but he slammed it in everyone’s face. Repeatedly. Like the Terminator, that’s what he does. That’s ALL he does.

    The good news is, as Stogoe so generously put it:

    I, too, have to thank mats for inspiring such an enlightening thread and then leaving so as not to get in the way.

    We can only hope the pattern repeats.

  8. says

    Mats said:

    Nonsense. The world before Darwin believed that humans were linked with nature, NOT by common descent, BUT by Common Designer.

    So, you either have not heard of, or you deny, all the “Judeo-Christian civilization” stuff going around? You’re allowed to disagree with other idiots in the fundy camp, Mats, but you’re not allowed to try to change the facts. You may think, as the “savages” thought, that pre-Darwin humans thought they were part of a big Circle of Life. That notion was quite anathemic to Christendom, however. The world, including “savages,” were to be exploited, damn the torpedoes.

    You could look it up. Got any books?

  9. DC says

    Great! Another darwinian museum, as if we didn’t have enough of those.

    TROOOOOLL the ancient yuletide carol…

  10. says

    Finally! FINALLY! I thought I had missed it when I didn’t drag my sweetie to NY and I didn’t see it on the Field Museum’s site!

    Heh. We’ve already discussed going to Chicago. Yay!

  11. SteveK says

    Peeved that you can’t go?

    Isn’t it the case that you had actually confirmed to attend YearlyKos, but then you reneged because you got a better offer?

  12. says

    I love Chicago. One more reason to get there this year (as if I needed any).

    Be sure to drop into Buddy Guy’s place (without the kids):

    See if Macy’s has succeeded in choking all the Marshall Fields out of the old store.

    Shed a tear for Berghoff’s (d. 1/2006).

    But there’s much, much more.

  13. Chakolate says

    Can’t go? You’re busy nonstop until the first of January, 2008? Come on! Extra inducement: they have a ginormous squid on the ceiling.