Glory! Welcome the Jubilee!

I drove by the local grocery store, and there, on the other side of the street, was a…was a…you won’t believe this, but I actually saw a…


In Morris! I don’t know if it’ll be here for long, but we were promised this way back in 2016. At last it has been accomplished, at last it is done.

(I didn’t actually stop at the taco truck — there were several people in line, but I don’t do that anymore.)

Sometimes, I pine for life in the Pacific Northwest

Sometimes, I don’t.

An “exceptional” atmospheric river, rated Category 5, is drenching the Pacific Northwest, unleashing a fire hose of moisture — heavy, flooding downpours, along with mudslides and strong winds in parts of coastal Oregon and Washington. Up to 10 inches of rain are possible, with multiple feet of snow in the high elevations. And signs point to another atmospheric river targeting the region late in the week.

Unfortunately, the left over bits of PNW storms often end up here in Minnesota as blizzards.

I am powerless!

We’re experiencing a blizzard right now — I know I was complaining about the lack of snow this year, but that doesn’t mean I wanted it all at once, and I could do without the savage winds — and now it has knocked out all the power to our house. No internet. No lights. No Netflix. No refrigeration (not worried about that one, we just put everything in a cardboard box and put it out on the deck). At least I’ve got some old fashioned books to tide me over, until darkness falls.

Every step in this sequence is equally stupid

Here’s an unremarkable correlation in idiocy.

  • You want to have an elaborate “gender reveal” party. We could stop right there, you can just fuck off now, I don’t want to be your friend.
  • You decide the reveal will be by some kind of flashy pyrotechnics. If you want to tell me the sex of your incipient child, just say “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl”. That’s adequate. I don’t need a flashy garnish. Congratulations!
  • You are going to set off your fireworks in CALIFORNIA? And you live there? And you’ve been warned over and over about the fire danger?

Well, that’s a regular cascade of predictable foolishness, with the end result of the El Dorado Fire. Brilliant.

Patreon posts will be trickling onto this site, too

As promised, I’m making my Patreon posts freely available, after a bit less than a week. Subscribe if you want them right away, or just want to support me a little bit! There will be another Patreon post going up maybe tonight…if I get all this genetics stuff done soon enough.

We’re up to 121 patrons today! I’ll be able to contribute to our lawyer’s payments early next month, I hope.

Also, don’t forget the online celebration of our victory over a litigious sex pest Sunday night at 6! You can also make one-time donations to our GoFundMe!

A timely exam…from Ken Ham

This weekend, I’ve been working on an exam for my introductory biology class. We’ve been covering basic principles of evolution so far this term, discussing multiple lines of evidence and examples. Then, what appears over the transom but an exam from a Kentucky middle school covering exactly the same material! What luck! This will make exam prep even easier, and it even includes the answer key!

Only problem is that the entire exam is total bullshit. Darn. I guess I’ll have to go back to composing my own.

Although, an exam consisting of the question, “What is wrong with each of these 13 creationist claims?” might be sort of useful. Except that I’d rather my students learn the real science.

Moloch just ate another baby

Once upon a time, Todd Starnes tried to get me fired. He raged about me on Fox News, posted it on various wingnutty sites, and made enough noise that a university lawyer contacted me to let me know that they were getting all these complaints…and also to reassure me that they had my back, and nothing I said was actionable.

So you’ll forgive me if I chortled smugly at this headline.

It’s good news, also because it makes me wonder if Fox News is getting a bit worried about their intimate association with far-right radicals and is trying to edge away a bit. Democrats may worship Moloch, but Republicans definitely worship Mammon, and their god is feeling some heat lately.