Hey, Stevens County people!

What are you doing this evening? Two big events:

  • Pirates of the Caribbean 3 is opening at the Morris Theater tonight at 8! I was thinking of going, but Skatje works there, and she’s got the inside scoop: people are already lining up. In Morris. I might wait a few days for the mob to fade away.

  • If PotC3 is too crowded, there’s always Drinking Liberally—7:00pm at Old #1.

Who says Morris isn’t a happening place?


  1. Jimbo says

    I was at Disneyland last week and they were setting up the grandstands across from Tom Sawyer island for the premier of PotC3.

    Supposedly as part of Disney’s “Year Of A Million Dreams” promotion they were randomly choosing 2 people to attend the opening – but no luck for us.

    Sorry for the “memory lane” post but I grew up in So Cal and Disneyland is a part of my childhood.

  2. llewelly says

    I’ll be browsing jobs online, and reviewing some C++ books I have. Not that it matters – I live even farther from Morris than I did when I lived in Utah.

  3. Joe Shelby says

    I was just @ Walt Disney World last week and didn’t see any particular set-ups. I wonder where they’d put it, as the MK doesn’t really have any place big enough for it. Disney-MGM Studios has MANY sites big enough, including Fantasmic (holds 2000) and Lights Camera Action (holds 5000).

    I’m not going to get around to seeing it ’til Monday, but at least then I won’t be arguing with a bunch of immature teenagers.

  4. dorid says

    I’ll be bringing my bunch of immature teenagers with me when we go either this weekend or Monday. HOPEFULLY we’ll catch an early show (the theater here opens at 9:30 am… I figure there won’t be too many people in the theater that early in the morning.

  5. Tatarize says

    Tell your daughter that rather than “the scoop”, you’d like tickets. What the hell is the point of an inside source, if your source can’t even get you inside.

  6. scote says

    Ha, for a science and skeptically themed blog you sure are awfully eager to go to a just-released movie which may suck :-)

    I suppose there are many social reasons to want to see PoC3 even if it is bad but perhaps there is some element of excitement and popularity that should rationally avoided in favor of waiting to hear if the movie is any good? Sure, you “want” to see it, but how much of that desire is carefully managed marketing, including who is in it, the fact that it is a sequel, release date, advertising, stealth marketing? All designed to get you to come to the theater before you hear if the movie is actually worth going to…

    I’m not sure that I’d say that going to movies without any feedback from people who’ve already seen it is a truly bad thing, but it does seem to be an example of “compartmentalization” of our rationality.

  7. Annamal says

    Hah we watched it last night (yay for world wide releases).

    There was an unfortunate lack of giant squid beasties.

    There was however, one line that I think will make up for all of that…

  8. says

    Jeez, man, it’s a pirate movie. With a squid-faced pirate starring in it.

    You obviously don’t know me very well. I don’t care what the reviews are — I have my own independent reasons for going.

  9. Annamal says

    No you have to, at one point I leaned over to my companion and muttered “Somewhere P Z Myers is cheering”.

  10. Chet says

    Who says Morris isn’t a happening place?

    Well, me, for instance; I grew up there.

  11. Kuni says

    Just got back from seeing the movie – Davy Jones more than compensates for the lack of the wee beastie from the second film.

  12. says

    We saw the warning (great use of your blog!), but Sub-Evil Boy had already headed out in an effort to stake out some front row seats for his friends. We figured we’d head over around 7:40pm and see what the lines were like. It was definitely busy for a Morris Theatre showing of a film, but certainly not too insanely crowded, so we went on in. Skatje and the two others behind the candy counter were looking pretty busy, though!

    This film was definitely a vast improvement over the mess of the second film and quite enjoyable. Probably not as fresh and creative as the first film, but we giggled our way through fair bits of it. I’m guessing that PeeZed will be well amused by several bits :-).

  13. Chinchillazilla says

    Just so everyone knows, as soon as it’s legal to marry movies (slippery slope and all) I CALL THIS ONE. Could be the most awesome movie ever.

    There was however, one line that I think will make up for all of that…

    *giggle* There are quite a few, but that particular line made me bite my finger to keep from laughing too loudly and disturbing my friends.

  14. scote says

    “You obviously don’t know me very well.”

    Uhhh, well, yeah. Must be that FSM compartmentalization :-)

  15. FishyFred says

    I just saw it. HO-LEE SHIAT. WOW. WOW. WOW.

    What an ending. What an ending.

  16. FishyFred says

    What? No Kraken? Maybe I won’t go then.

    Oh, that monster is in it. Just as a corpse.

  17. Plummet says

    Who says Morris isn’t a happening place?

    I wish I still lived in Marshall, Minn, instead of the only red county in all of NY

  18. Sonja says

    Hey Plummet,
    Ever drink setups at the Blue Moon dance hall? (I think it burned down in the early ’80s?)

    I’m not from there, but several of my college friends were and we actually did road trips to Marshall… for fun….

    And yes, thanks to Southwest State, there are liberals there.

  19. gorckat says

    My wife bought tickets last Friday so we don’t have to deal with the lines today :p

  20. Peter McGrath says

    Don’t spend your hard-earned on Pirates until you’ve heard this review:


    Mark Kermode is the only critic worth the breath in his body, critics by and large being a contemptible bunch who tear other people’s work apart. There is some presenter-critic bickering to get through first, an entertaining roundup of the UK top ten films that you may find diverting, then a fifteen minute rant which I can only say is an ornament to the English language. Definitely listen before you go.

  21. kel says

    … at one point I leaned over to my companion and muttered “Somewhere P Z Myers is cheering”.

    I did something along the same lines!

    The movie wasn’t very good though. Far too long (our cinema even gave it an intermission) with too many meaningless plot twists. I couldn’t keep up. Effects and action were good though.