1. Richard Harris, FCD says


    I’ve sent a copy to a Creationist (The Delusion of Evolution publisher guy) that I’m having an email argument with.

    Maybe humour will work where reason doesn’t? Nahhhh. They’ve got mental straight jackets.


  2. Thinker says

    You know, I never would have considered using the two words “creationist” and “thought” next to each other like that…

  3. andyo says

    I thought the universe was 13.8 million years old. This guy is just full of it! By 2.2 billion years! Scientists who study the universe clearly don’t know what they’re doing. If they can’t recreate the energy density conditions of the Big Bang “theory”, it’s their goddamn problem.

    Therefore, god wins by default. Now I believe the universe is 6000 years old, because those guys do get their figures right. They even gave us a date, for Jesus’s gonads. Who you gonna believe?

  4. andyo says

    Damn, I wrote million instead of billion, but you get me. It’s so easy to confuse these, you know. That’s why we creationists keep it in the thousands.

  5. says

    I never would have considered using the two words “creationist” and “thought” next to each other like that…

    The juxtaposition of conflicting ideas is one of the oldest tricks in comedy. That, and the word “pants”.

  6. kmarissa says

    “That, and the word “pants”.”

    A friend of mine has a theory that anything, anything at all, is funnier in lederhosen. I’m sadly disillusioned that this is a mere variation on an old theme.

    A pretty funny one, though.

  7. says

    The real “magic man” is the guy in the background pantomiming (weren’t we discussing mimes not too long ago? He’s 100% better) the amino acids becoming multicellular organisms.

  8. Hank Fox says

    Love it: “A Magic Man done it!”

    If they clarified their position in this way, I’d feel more supportive of the Teach the Science vs. Magic Man Controversy.

    Actually, I kept waiting for a middle explanation from the creationists to the scientists: “Well, OUR theory is that YOUR theory is totally wrong. And besides, the guy who came up with your theory believed in the Magic Man.”

  9. CalGeorge says

    For some reason, now I can’t get the muffin man song out of my head.

    Oh, do you know the magic man,
    The magic man, the magic man,
    Oh, do you know the magic man,
    That lives in people’s heads?

    Oh, yes, I know the magic man,
    The magic man, the magic man,
    Oh, yes, I know the magic man,
    That lives in people’s heads.

    Make it stop!

  10. Crudely Wrott says

    Magic Man? Wasn’t that a song by Heart? You know, with the foxy Wilson sisters.

  11. says

    Hahaha, reminds of The Family Guy:

    Carl Sagan’s Cosmos for Rednecks

    Family Guy vs Christianity

    Peter started a Church called Fonz

    Peter tried other religion

  12. Eamon Knight says

    Pretty funny, although they don’t get it quite right: the ID guy should refuse to commit to any particular history (or there should be multiple IDists, quietly squabbling among themselves, while incompetently presenting a united front to the science guy).

    But they got the essence right, in all the ways that matter.

  13. Lago says

    First, Mena, Heart freakin’ rules, so you could do a whole lot worse than having Magic Man stuck in your head…

    Next, notice that the second version of the creationist argument in the comedy parody starts out the same as the evolutionary explanation, and the only differences is a claim that some aspects need a helping hand from God. This is the original version of the ID claim which still had its “Wedge” shape. The idea is to only add a little itty bit of heat to the mix as in hopes no one will much notice or care. In reality, we see now that the DI is much more fully a typical creationist group and uses, at least here in the US, completely standard creationist canards now.

    What I wonder is when the parody was done, because in the US, we have moved past this earlier almost benign version to a much more lethal “anti-science” version. I warned friends in other countries to watch-out for ID when it shows-up because it will use local ideas, and will resemble a kindly stranger when it first does.