Happy Us!

It’s been a busy day—if you’ve noticed it’s been quiet here, it’s because I’ve been driving back and forth to St Cloud to help my son get situated in his new apartment, and also, by the way, today is our wedding anniversary — note that my wife cleverly scheduled it to be exactly one week after my birthday, making reminders easy.


I was going to make some lecherous joke about getting lucky tonight, but it would be superfluous since I seem to have been in luck for twenty seven years.


  1. andyo says

    I’m kinda new around these lairs, so I hope you don’t take offense when I say this.

    I was going to make some lecherous joke about getting lucky tonight, but it would be superfluous since I seem to have been in luck for twenty seven years.

    You cheesy lucky fiend! Now you will get more lucky, undoubtedly.


  2. mjfgates says

    Hurray for big-numbered anniversaries!

    Let me be the first to point out that the carpet in that photo is *suspiciously* close to the color of that colossal squid they caught off NZ. Been hiding something from the world, eh?…

  3. Alex says


    Your weakness is that you’re not too subtle at being subtle….or maybe you’re just being clever, in a subtle way.

  4. Hank Fox says

    Beautiful pic. It’s warming to see that your moment of happiness has lasted so long.

    Maybe there’s hope for the rest of us.

    Happy Anniversary, to you and your missus. (What’s her NAME, by the way??)

  5. says

    Her name is Mrs. Pharyngula, of course.

    No, actually, she stays uninvolved with this bloggy stuff, so I don’t push it too much, but her name is Mary.

    That is not a church, although we did have a god-walloping obnoxious jebus-freak for a minister. It’s a kind of special-purpose wedding chapel out near Puyallup, I think it was.

  6. speedwell says

    What? That bundle PZ’s holding cleverly conceals extra legs, maybe? (Just kidding…)

    Congrats to you and Mrs. Professor :)

  7. Mrs. Peach says

    Aw, that is so sweet, I have tears in my eyes. Congratulations to both of you.

  8. says

    Happy Anniversary! To both of you.

    May you continue to sip the honey sweetened wine,
    Breath the scent of flowers in your maiden’s hair.
    Feel the ivory smoothness of your lover’s alabaster skin,
    And pray your pet keeps its tentacles in the tank,
    Til Dawn brings light.

  9. says

    Happy Anniversary, Mr & Mrs PZ! The photo strikes a sentimental noive here. How romantic is that, ‘eh? May ya’ll enjoy wedded bliss the rest of your natural days.
    This photo warmed the cockles of me heart! ~:o)

    Congratulations, ya’ll.


  10. JonF says

    You got married in Puyallup? And yet your marriage doesn’t seem to have suffered for it. Odd…

    (Full disclosure: I lived for several years in Sumner and even spent a year or two in Puyallup)

  11. says

    Happy anniversary!

    My wife’s birthday is on Valentine’s day, so that’s easy.

    And our wedding anniversary? It’s on my web site, so that’s easy too.

    Here is a tip: Sign up for Care Cards. Send yourself a card on any important date and check the box “remind me next year.”

    You’ll never go wrong as long as there is An Internet.

  12. cyan says

    (I presume that Mary is going to read this, too)

    Mary: you are both lucky & strategic (whether consciously or subconsciouly).

    PZ: exactly the same message to you

    Happy that you’ve both managed your luck so well; best prediction due to the results of your past management is that your future results will be as beneficial overall as your past has been. Details different but result similar.

    So glad for both of you! – may you both have continued happiness in the sharing of your lives.


  13. autumn says

    Congratulations, and many happy returns.
    My anniversary is on my wife’s birthday, so I only have to remember one day. If I ever forget, though…

  14. Chuk says

    Congrats — you are now about the sixth couple I’ve heard of with an anniversary this week (including my wife and I tomorrow).

  15. Azkyroth says

    Ironically, my wife and I celebrated our anniversary today, since she has classes all day on our calendar anniversary and my calculus teacher so graciously scheduled an exam on the day we had planned to use.

    Congratulations all around.

  16. michelle says

    Happy and warm congratulations to you and Mary and thanks for the wonderful photo.
    From an ex-pat Minnesotan in British Columbia.

  17. says

    Congratulations to you and Mary! Please tell her those shoes are utterly darling. As are the looks of delight on both your faces.

  18. says

    Congratulations! My wife was even more clever, and scheduled our wedding even closer to my birthday (the anniversary is the day before the birthday). Hard to plead forgetfulness under those circumstances, eh?

    Great shot – hope you enjoyed the day!

  19. SEF says

    No, actually, she stays uninvolved with this bloggy stuff

    But is she up for Vox Populi’s joke(?) challenge of going out to lots of different restaurants to try out the kissing tolerances of them. If not you two then there’s surely a project in it for some psych, sociology or even law students somewhere.

  20. says

    Why just us? How about everyone in the world going out to some public place, all at the same time, and giving a loved one an affectionate smooch?

  21. SEF says

    It’s a bit late for Valentine’s Day though. Is there any other particularly applicable day in any culture which would serve as a convenient one? UK and US Mothers’ Days aren’t the same.

  22. Sea Creature says

    Congrats! I’ve been reading you for two years now and love your blog. In spite of the B.S. these days, I’m optimistic that my girl and I will be able to get married sometime during our lifetime. Only problem, I’ve never liked weddings and now with all the same sex marriage stuff in the news guess what my girlfriend wants?

  23. Lisa says

    Congratulations on the happy occasion! I love that picture. Being a little out of focus makes it seem all the more jubilant, like even the camera was jumping for joy. :-)

  24. hipparchia says

    Oooh, this picture goes straight to my list of the 10 most romantic things ever seen! Brought tears to my eyes!
    Congratulations, PZ and Mary! I wish you many more years of happiness!

  25. Dustin says

    I liked it more when Pharyngula had a creationist troll infestation than I do with this bigot troll infestation.