A Phoenix social calendar…see you at SICB!

Attention, Phoenixians (Phoenicians? Phoenotypes? What do they call residents of Phoenix, anyway?). (John Lynch, GrrlScientist, and I are going to be in your area next week for the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB) meetings, and we are all unanimous in our expectation that this will be an excellent opportunity to cadge free drinks from meet all of our fans out Arizona way. We’re all going to be taking advantage of the meetings to learn us some new science, but there will be a few opportunities to socialize, too.

Jim Lippard is hosting a get-together at his home on Saturday, 6 Jan, from 5:30 to 8:00. To make sure that the size of the gathering is manageable, you’ll need to contact him to get directions. Hey, you get to meet us and Jim Lippard! What a deal!

In addition, on Friday, 5 Jan, we’ll want to wander off to somewhere near the convention center for casual food and drinks, say around 6ish. Do any of the residents who’d like to join us want to make suggestions about a locale? Something convenient, easy for foreigners like us to get to, but not likely to be overwhelmed by the hordes of like-minded biologists spilling out of the meeting at the same time. We can hammer out the details in the comments.


  1. says

    Phoenicians. Though I prefer Phoenotypes. Tucson is much nicer, you know, so if you sensibly bail and head south, drop me an email.

  2. says

    Tucson is tha’ bomb. I loved every minute of living there. (Well, the occasional hour sucked, but the minutes were all pretty good.)

    Enjoy the sprawl of the fifth-largest city in the US. But be prepared for unbelievably stunningly bad traffic.

  3. Dave Puskala says

    Enjoy yourself, but don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. That should give you plenty of lee-way (especially in the taking free drink opportunity department).

    I have enjoyed Jim’s work. He also was most gracious when I asked him about his Lucy’s knee joint FAQ when trying to educate a particularly stubborn creationist. Send my greetings and thanks. It will have to do because we still haven’t made the promised homebrew connection for you. I won’t have you delivering beer when you are still thirsty.

  4. says

    I recommend Cibo at 603 N. 5th Avenue. It’s an upscale pizza place within walking distance of downtown but less likely to be overrun by sports fans.

    And although I’ve lived in Phoenix for 9 years, I don’t consider myself a Phoenician, just passing through like everyone else here!

  5. says

    Oh my goodness. Rey, I completely forgot that the Fiesta Bowl with those two teams will be played there, and I couldn’t imagine what you meant.

    Sheesh. What sort of college football fan am I?

  6. Janus says

    Phoenix has many good restaurants, but none of them really are in the downtown area. If you want pizza, I’d second the recommendation for Cibo. There are several reasonable restaurants in the Arizona Center at 3rd St. and Van Buren — Sam’s Cafe (southwestern), My Big Fat Greek Restaurant (greek) and a Mexican place the name of which escapes me. Avoid hotel restaurants. If you decide to drive somewhere further out, avoid Central Avenue and Camelback Road (light rail construction).

  7. Rey Fox says

    Actually, the Fiesta Bowl is being played the weekend before the SICB. So in addition to the BCS Championship crowd, you might have some Boise State fans still there partying after BSU’s stunning victory over Oklahoma. *freakin’ big ol’ smiley face*

  8. Tom says

    See, now I have to contemplate the 6 hour drive from Abq through possible snowy mountain passes to meet my favorite militant realist. At least I have family in Phoenix I can stay with.

    Maybe if I bring a week’s worth of food and water in the car…just in case.