A Christmas blogswarm

You all know about the Koufax awards, the best weblog awards around because they’re non-commercial, non-weird, and sincerely try to reward the best of the progressive blogosphere (I don’t just say that because I won one). One of the unfortunate side effects of being non-commercial, though, is that they’re running on a shoestring, requiring a heavy investment in sweat and out-of-pocket expenses by Mary Beth and Eric Williams and Dwight Meredith every year, and they don’t get rich off of this—it costs them money. It’s time to help them out.

Chris Clarke has organized a blogswarm to benefit Wampum,the Koufax Awards, progressive politics, Indian issues, autism issues, and those selfless, hardworking people behind the yearly event. They’re asking so little: a few hundred bucks to replace some well-worn hard drives on their server. I think if lots of us just toss in a few dollars, we can match that and more. On the top left side of Wampum’s front page, you can find a Paypal link; if you don’t like Paypal, you can also donate via Amazon.

We can do this the good old progressive way: with lots of small donations from many people. Chip in a few bucks, nothing more, and help out.