1. MJ Memphis says

    Given the intelligence of pigeons, I’m guessing that the pigeon hadn’t yet noticed anything out of the ordinary.

  2. Efogoto says

    The fishing must have been going very poorly for that pelican to put up with a twenty minute struggle to get the pigeon, struggling and flapping, down its throat.

  3. Ichthyic says

    somebody should capture that pelican for use in a captive breeding program!

    we could get an army of pigeon eating pelicans!

    OTOH, if you thought the pigeon droppings on your car were bad…

  4. Ichthyic says

    little “b” or big “B”?

    I doubt even a pelican could fit the inflated head of GW in it’s maw.

  5. jeanine sepin says

    The pigeon is thinking “Hey, it’s cool so far.” ” This is really a weird bird bath.
    Where is the water?”

  6. David says

    “Here is a Pink Floyd video that I guarantee you have never seen!”

    Unless you have the new Pulse DVD. It’s on there as an extra.

  7. says

    David wrote:

    “Unless you have the new Pulse DVD. It’s on there as an extra.”

    This original version is much better than the one we are used to seeing. I wonder why they pulled it after one day?
    I love the scene where he starts running toward the cliff. The music seems to blend right in with the action. It’s simply stunning.
    “Above the planet on a wing and a prayer,
    My grubby halo, a vapour trail in the empty air,
    Across the clouds I see my shadow fly
    Out of the corner of my watering eye”

  8. G. Tingey says

    The papers here have all got this photo, and another one, with just a few feathers sticking out of the Pelican’s beak!

    “London” pigeons are vermin. They are usually covered in lice and ticks, and carry blood diseases and have tapeworms …. ugh.

    A couple of years ago or so, a European Eagle Owl took up residence on St Pauls’ cathedral in London, and kept the pigeons down for about a year, then it died suddenly, presumably, because one of the pigeons was so diseased that it poisoned the Owl.

  9. G. Tingey says

    Yup, that’s it.
    The background is recognisably the lake in St James’ Park, London (Buckingham palace’s public front garden, effectively)

  10. Anton Mates says

    Be fair, though…Pelicans are predators normally. They just don’t usually go for feathered prey.

  11. Nix says

    I don’t understand why this is news. The pelicans in St. James’s have *long* gone for pigeons.

    There are tales of predatory flamingoes, as well. :)