Carnivalia, and an open thread

New (and old) carnivals I’m just now getting around to:

The Tangled Bank

The next Tangled Bank will be at meta_analyses on Wednesday, 25 October—send links to your science blog entries to PZ Myers or


  1. Frumious B says

    I just peeked at the PZ calendar, and I see the Jawaahir dance company is performing on Saturday. They look like one damn fine company. I hope we’ll get pictures and a review. Encourage them to tour, would you?

  2. Markus says

    This is a little off-topic..But I recetly took the GED exam because I want to get into college (just need to score 650/800).. The reason why I ‘needed’ to take it essentially because I didn’t have the “opportunity” to go to an American high school (there is a long story but I’ll spare that).

    Should I try to avoid mentioning that I took a GED, as much as possible? Especially in science blogs?

  3. quork says

    The Secular Coalition for America “Find an Atheist, Humanist, Freethinker Elected Official” Contest

    The Secular Coalition for America (SCA) will award one thousand dollars ($1,000) to the person who identifies the highest level atheist, humanist, freethinker or other nontheist currently holding elected public office in the United States of America.* The SCA is an advocacy organization representing the interests of nontheists in the nation’s capital.

    Help the Secular Coalition for America find the secular public servants courageous enough to acknowledge they are nontheistic.

    In case that isn’t clear enough, they are not trying to “out” secret atheists. They are trying to reward officeholders who are brave enough to already be “out”.

  4. quork says

    Should I try to avoid mentioning that I took a GED, as much as possible? Especially in science blogs?

    Too late.

  5. says

    Something to frustrate or amuse; I’m not sure which. It tells an alternate history (something that I’ve always found interesting as both an SF fan and an informal student of world events), a tale of the way things might have been had Bush been a man of principle rather than politics.

    Every time I read the bloody thing I get depressed all over again, and I wrote it.

  6. MikeM says

    Has anyone else seen the latest GOP ad?

    Amazing. We now know pretty much for a fact that the suitcase bomb threat was faked, but people get their science from James Bond movies these days, so what do they know? So there’s one point.

    They base an ad on fake macho statements, just to mobilize folks. Well, guess what? I already voted.

    Just watch the ad. It’s appalling.