Drinking Liberally is cancelled this week in Morris. If you’re really hard up, you could go to the DL in Minneapolis, but really, why would you want to? We’ve got Al Franken, star of TV and radio, founder of the Midwest Values PAC, and best-selling author entertaining us at a DFL fundraiser here in our little town, so we’re a much more exciting place than that urban mess to the east. I think there are still tickets available, but I know they were going fast a few days ago—call Jeff Lamberty at (320) 585-5646 if you’re interested. Nope, sorry, you were too late. Sold out! Good for the Stevens County DFL!


Also, on Friday, from 11-2, the Al Franken show will be broadcast from Edson Auditorium on the UMM campus. If you can’t be here this evening, you can catch a little whiff of the Morris mystique (no, that’s not the swine farm or the ethanol plant) by tuning in to Air America tomorrow.


  1. Lambo says

    I’m sorry (well, not really) to report that all advance ticket sales have been stopped, as I believe we are right near the capacity of the armory. There may be some (as in, fewer than ten) seats available at the door, after I get all the ticket stubs from board members today, but I’d shoot for the Friday event. Or, click here for other Al events in the area this weekend.

    Lambo (that Jeff Lamberty guy on the poster)

  2. says

    “you could go to the DL in Minneapolis, but really, why would you want to?”

    Hey! Ouch! :) Just kidding, PZ, sounds like you’ve got a great time lined up for yourself tonight.

  3. Dharma Dude says

    They forgot to also bill Al Franken as a hypocrite who thinks it is a travesty when America does bad things but it is okay when Israel does the same things.

  4. MReap says

    Hah, we had him first in Winona, nyah. We’ve got Garrison coming on the 16th. It looks promising for Tim Walz to win over Gutneckt in the 10th Congressional.

    I knew Al would bring trolls out from under the bridge.

  5. Stogoe says

    I’d much rather talk about Rush Limbaugh’s drug-fueled trips to caribbean sex islands than boring old Franken.

    I wonder if these caribbean sex islands also have bear volcanoes or stripper factories?

  6. Desert Donkey says

    Al puts on a nice little show, or at least he did in Eugene a couple months ago. Have a good time.