Dodos of your own

You may recall that I reviewed Flock of Dodos last week—it’s good, you should all see it if you can. The movie now has a distributor, so maybe you can. Unfortunately, this isn’t a release for private use yet, so what you need to do is get an institution to fork over $345. Yeah, that’s steep, but it includes public performance rights. Maybe you could convince your local university to get it for a Darwin Day showing…? Recoup the cost by selling tickets?


  1. says

    Thank you for this! I already have the emails flying. I emailed the producers and asked what it would take to get it presented at my university. $5000 plus expenses. There’s just no freekin’ way. However, I can raise $400 with one keyboard tied behind my back.

  2. Anonymous says

    Off topic:
    Does anyone know anything about Professor Alec Lindsay, a Biology professor at Northern Michigan University? He is presenting a 1 credit hour course on evolution vs. intelligent [sic] design. I was wondering if anybody happened to know anything about his work.

  3. Michael says

    (At the risk of sound like spam…)

    For those in or near NYC, the Margaret Mead Film Festival at the American Museum of Natural History is showing this film November 11th.

    The “Click here top view the 2006 Films” link gives the full list and schedule.

  4. Gisela says

    Flock of Dodos is also part of the Mead Traveling Festival, which travels across the country to museums, universities, independent theaters, and other cultural institutions. You can find more information about how to bring the Traveling Festival to your community at