1. llewelly says

    Jellyfish invade Minnesota

    Global Warming: The same eco-systems you’ve known for years, seen through funhouse mirrors. Kaleidoscopic effects coming soon.

  2. says

    It’s continually astounding to me the kind of beauty that can be found in the most common or simple or vulgar (liturgical sense) places.

    Arthropods, for instance, can be stunning — even the dangerous ones, such as the black widow spider, are possessed of beauty … and though Lovecraft appeared to have a lovehate relationship with cephalopods, I think even he would have been moved by the ethereal delicacy of this glassine specimen.

    (He just wouldn’t have been able to write a passably good poem on the subject.)

  3. Bob O'H says

    For some reason it brought to mind Homer Simpson, poor thing.

    I guess this is a good place to make the observation that Lio‘s cephalopods only seem to come out on Fridays too.