Carnivalia, and an open thread

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  1. quork says

    Henry Cummings writes to the Secretary of Education

    Dear Secretary Spellings:
    Hello. This is the about the tenth time that I have written you and/or the US Department of Education. I’ve been writing you since last October in 2005, and you have not responded. Please do not “delegate” my correspondence to anyone else.
    I have been asking the US Dept of Education to send a “Certificate of Completion” to each public school science teacher that successfully completes a 12-hour course called “Moses & Creation: Biblical Reality”. The persons at the Education Dept that responded have only given weak excuses, in an attempt to discourage this effort, and keep the “status quo”.
    This course trains science teachers about the true scientific information found in the biblical book of Genesis concerning the history of life on Earth, and does not teach them about “Biblical Creation”. The first two chapters of Genesis are telling mankind about the rise and demise of various life forms on Earth since Creation Week, which was 4.6 billion years ago according to the geologist. It’s their call to make.

    The exclusive teaching of evolution indoctrinates students into the belief system of Atheism, which denies the existence of a Supreme Being. By only teaching evolution, science teachers are actually teaching the tenets of Atheism, which is what the atheists want. The only way to balance that is to have the same person also teach the correct synopsis of early Genesis.

  2. Mena says

    Is anyone else finding irony in the torture bill that passed the House being H.R. 6166? It has something for the people who think that the number of the beast is 666 *and* those who think that it’s 616. It would be funny if it was in fact something that there was something to be amused about in this situation.

  3. j says

    I’m reading a book that an evangelical friend concerned about my salvation has lent me. It’s called Bible Doctrine, and it’s unbearably illogical.