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    According to the dic built into OS X:

    ORIGIN mid 16th cent.(in the sense [not apt, unsuitable] ): from Latin ineptus, from in- ‘not’ + aptus (see apt ).

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    I know a little man both ept and ert.
    An intro–? an extro–? No, he’s just a vert.
    Shevelled and couth and kempt, pecunious, ane,
    Gus unage trudes upon the ceptive brain.

    When life turns sipid and the mind is traught,
    The spirit soars as I would sist it ought.
    Chalantly then, like any gainly goof
    My digent self is sertive, choate, loof.

    –David McCord (1897 – 1997)

  3. Scott Hatfield says

    A lot of people confuse nerds with wimps. You’re not wimpy, so maybe that’s why you didn’t place….SH

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    Cursed be the scurvy knave who Diebolded ye! (I just viewed the pirate language lesson before writing this. I hope you can tell, PZ. Oh yeah, ARRR!)