1. fusilier says

    I be cryin’ into me ale, ye swabbies. Its a lecture on the integument I has to be presenting on the morrow, and I canna use the piratical tongue wi’ the scurvy landlubbers, or they’ll be whining to the Royal Navy.

    A frigate I’d be rakin’ fore and aft, but when a first rate opens her gunports, I know when I’m out-manned.


    James 2:24

  2. says

    Arr, ’tis already TLAP day here Down Under ye swabs. I’m hopin’ PZ’s got that pirate-lingo plug-in sorted out fer Seedblogs, mateys. I look ferward to it ev’re yearrrrrr.

  3. says

    Happy almost pirate day everyone! Be sure and set aside some time to reflect on His Noodlyness with some good spirits! Too bad I wasn’t clever enough to put this post in piratespeak : (

  4. says

    Yar! Here ine me home state o’ New Jersey, at me Seton Hall, we all be pirates, and me gearin’ for a foine day o’ plunderin’ and pirate talkin’! Here’s to the salty sea dogs who be a thinkin up this bilge for t’ jolly good, rip-roarin’ times ahead fer t’ next 24 hours. HAR HAR HAR!

  5. G. Tingey says

    AHrrr … wharr be ROBERT NEWTON when we needs’ ‘o his scourgin’ o’the seas?

    Seriously (seriously?!) it’s no good – you’ve got to come from, or authentically reproduce the speech of Devon (England) before you can do this sort of thing properly…..

  6. Vidar says

    This is from Loading Ready Run, their website is They’re a bunch of friends in their early to mid twenties from Victoria BC, Canada. If anyone’s interested in knowing.