Drinking Liberally tonight!

Our local chapter of Drinking Liberally will be meeting at a special place and time tonight: it will start at 7:00, at the American Legion Beer Garden at the Stevens County Fair. After everyone has had enough beer, we will adjourn to the Tilt-A-Whirl to relive those sensations we all experienced in the 2004 elections.


  1. Ichthyic says

    After everyone has had enough beer

    Is that even possible?

    I’ve heard of having too much beer (very rarely), but having had “enough”?


  2. Fred says

    You can never have enough beer: like Ichthyic said it’s either too much or too little!
    But a lot of people can’t stop at too little so they end up waking up ten hours later in bed with a woman who is not their wife.
    Even the ladies.

  3. bernarda says

    Here is a topic of discussion for you, your own little “River City” 30 miles from Minneapolis. In this case Elk River.

    “A small start-up bank in Elk River Minnesota has seen 100 people accept Jesus Christ as their Lord during business hours. 70 people have been healed through prayer at this bank. And the bank’s deposits have ranked it as one of the fastest-growing start-up banks in the history of Minnesota, resulting in a 10-page story in New York Times Magazine.

    An assembly of teens at the Elk River high school was followed by an evening program where the Gospel was shared and resulted in amazing attendance of over 800 youth with over 100 making a commitment to Jesus Christ that night.”

    At the high school!


  4. MNObserver says

    My biochemistry daughter is wondering if you’ll be gracing the Twin Cities DL either of the next two weeks. She’s finally (a) old enough to attend, and (b) in town on a couple of Thursdays. My artsy daughter just wants you to keep posting pretty pictures of monsters of the sea, and could care less which DL you attend.

  5. Desert Donkey says

    Tilt-a-Whirl. My favorite ride. Sounds like a blissful evening for the liberal hordes of Morris and surrounds. The Lane County fair starts next week so we will get a chance to drink and tilt ourselves soon.

    Party on.