1. Xerxes1729 says

    Releasing it might be difficult. I would not put my hand anywhere near it’s beak.

  2. Paul says

    I am pretty sure that if you watch closely and pause near the end you can see that the hook is not in the squid’s mouth, but its got a fierce grip on the line only.

    Even if the hook is in its mouth, any fisherman worth his chum will carry a pair of pliers for removing hooks from the maws of unwanted catch prior to release.

  3. DrShawn says

    Uhh… Well that little brown pole they used to bring it on board… that thing is called a Gaff.

    I hate to rain on the party, but I don’t think a gaffed squid would last very long if they sent it back in the ocean. Just a thought.

  4. Jason says

    I completely agree with the catch and release of such a wonderful living thing. It is sad to watch.