1. rrt says

    “Jesus Monkey Pants in Space?”

    What the HELL was THAT?!?

    Cool, but…

    What the HELL was THAT?!?

  2. Patrick Taylor says

    I love the little barrel drawer in his file cabinet underneath the biohazard, radioactivity and bananas drawers. Dr. Monkey is staring at me disapprovingly, he must know!

  3. harald hardrada says

    you’re elevating george w by portraying him as a doctor

    he knows what we do because nasa listens in & watches

    where was dr monkey when ken lay died?

  4. harald hardrada says

    nsa not nasa

    it’s my sinuses — killing me

    give me a prescription, dr monkey

  5. redstripe says

    Jesus Monkey Pants in Space was indeed strange. We must stop the commodification of the OTHER . . . I guess?

  6. harald hardrada says

    the only problem with jesus monkeypants is its overweening sanctimoniousness & its lack of humor or wit — it’s an american trait — if one lives outside the united states, one can spot americans not by how they look or act or what they wear or eat but by their goody-two-shoes attitude, whether it stems from religiosity or from secular pomposity

  7. univac says

    Jesus Monkey Pants In Space! Was kind of interesting, until the greedy lawyer stepped in, and then the crack about the teachers’ union. Cliches get boring pretty quick.

  8. Bob O'H says

    nsa not nasa

    it’s my sinuses — killing me

    Oh, I thought you were just from another planet.


  9. lo says

    @harald: nope dude we still stop you by your apparel. But it is great you think so highly of your folks manners…… that`s coz we don`t!

    PS: Although for the elderly americans that may hold true, nonetheless as far as the whole eating issue goes, it is big, so much as not to say salient. It has everything todo with creation of social reality (which includes politics) and hardly anything with population-genetics.

  10. bernarda says

    Go to the following site to see a chimp playing Pacman. It is rather impressive. It does that better than monkey Dubya riding a bike or monkey Cheney hunting.

    Sorry, the software doesn’t want to accept the web address link.

    It is Goosing the Antithesis and easy to find.

    Scroll down a little, but it is still dated July 15th.