Music? Bah! Totally irrational!

But it’s science themed music, so that makes it a little bit OK. links to music from This Week In Science, and in the comments, I discover the media empire of Doctor Steel. My kind of guy.

Oh, and since I haven’t done a Friday Random Ten in a while, here’s a science themed Friday Nonrandom Ten.

Evolution Rocks Overman
Jocko Homo Devo Greatest Hits
Dr. Worm They Might Be Giants
Do The Evolution Pearl Jam
Apeman The Kinks
Monkey To Man Elvis Costello
Monkey Gone To Heaven Frank Black
Primitive Science Kiril
Evolution is a Mystery Motorhead
What We Need More Of Is Science MC Hawking


  1. says

    DUDE. Monkey Gone to Heaven is from the Pixies’ Doolittle, one of the single greatest albums ever released, and featured a young Black Francis, not Frank Black! My gracious, man!

  2. thwaite says

    Is statistics a science? Dunno, but …
    …some University of Oregon Quant students needed a creative
    outlet (either that or they finally reached their breaking point). Here’s a
    they made for using statistics within the field of psychology…

    (it’s a rap music video, a few minutes long. The lyrics pose no threat of becoming a mind bug.)

  3. says

    Nicer Pixies site. Really one of the greatest bands to ever stomp on dirt. There’s some sweet stuff in the catalog too, I’m sure you’d like “UMASS” from Trompe Le Monde.

    Jeesh, I am not a paid shill for 4AD records, the Pixies, or Black Francis. I’m just a Pixies nerd who likely needs a nice nap right now.

  4. says

    The Elements is on my regular playlist, for some reason. And (all of) Oxygene and Equinoxe by Jarre, too, for that matter. Not sure if those two count as science themed, but almost. And then there are all my science fiction TV and movie themes, which sort of count. (Some people freak out when they see I have the Star Wars Imperial March on my playlist.)

  5. says

    oh my…how about Atom and His Package? Noted songs: “I am downright amazed at what I can destroy with just a hammer”, (Lord It’s Hard To Be Happy When You’re Not) Using The Metric System, “The People In This Computer Lab Should Shut the Hell Up”, and on and on. no longer touring, but eminently wonderful.

  6. nicole says

    I second “Atom and his Package” and in addition to the recommended songs, will mention the (non-science-related) “Does Anyone Else in This Room Want to Marry His or Her Own Grandmother?”

    But what I really wanted to add to the list was “She Blinded me with Science” by Thomas Dolby.

  7. says

    Why Does The Sun Shine? (They Might Be Giants)

    How about Mammal (also They Might Be Giants)? I mean how many other songs bring up the fact that mammals have red blood cells lacking nuclei?

  8. mena says

    Here are some for our Canadian friends, all by the Arrogant Worms:
    Great to be a Nerd
    I am Cow (global warming brought up)
    Head in the Freezer (do-it-yourself cryogenics)
    Log In To You
    Lonely Lab of Broken Hearts
    My Voice is Changing (simple biology!)
    The Monkey Song (kinda non-commital about Darwin but they do mention him)

  9. JoeB says

    And MC Hawking’s “F*ck the Creationists”…’This one goes out to all my homies working in the field of evolutionary science.’

  10. Matt T. says

    That Motorhead song isn’t called “Evolution Is A Mystery”. It’s called “Line In The Sand”; the first line is “Evolution is a mystery” and it’s got something to do with some wrestler. Motorhead rules, though.

    Is “The Monkey Song” you mention the Dave Bartholomew New Orleans classic? “Yes, man descended, the worthless bum/But from us, brothers, he did not come/Yes, the monkey speaks his mind.” Everytime I hear some moralist yay-hoos yammer on about man’s inate divine spirit or humanity’s glorious past or how it all proves God is real and made this all for us, I hear that line in my head. Yes, the monkey speaks his mind.

    Then there’s John Prine’s “Space Monkey”, and George Jones had a novelty song back in the ’60s called “I’m A People”, wherein a monkey expresses displeasure at how his zoo existence has brought him down to the level of his hominid cousins. Along that same line – and tied into the Menken quote, oddly enough – is Tom T. Hall’s number “The Monkey That Became President”.


  11. Graculus says

    The Arrogant Worms also do blasphemy, I recommend “Jesus’ Brother Bob”.

    The Worms rock.

    So do Motorhead.

    Steve Earle’s “Ashes to Ashes” refers to the K-T extinction and evolution as well.

  12. says

    I have a few science based tracks if you would like to have listen.

    Elemental is a a muse on the periodic table. 92 tones corresponding to the 92 naturally occuring elements. 92 bars. Calculating F = (2.5 x 1015 Hz)(Z-1)2 were Frequency is proportional to atomic number Z, atomic Mass equals BPM and also various FX parameter change values and note length is inversely proportional to speed.

    Scriabin is a piece based around the Russian composers ‘colour’ theory, by transposing the frequecies of different coloured light into audible values. Here i used the colours of the rainbow as a starting point.

    LFA Sonar speaks for itself.

    Ok I hope you like them.
    Dave webb (

  13. Steve_C says

    Evolution by Cat Power

    Evolution of Man by Binary Star (hip hop)

    Evolution by Three Drives (trance/dance)