Carnivalia, and an open thread

We have a couple of carnivals up right now…

…and a few that are looking for submissions.

So…feel free to say what’s on your mind in the comments.


  1. thwaite says

    Bill Moyers is back on PBS with a new series “Bill Moyers on Faith & Reason”:
    How do creative minds reach such different conclusions about faith? Moyers talks with provocative authors about their views.
    Seems comparable to the BBC series on atheism:

    First episode was last week, interviewing Salman Rushdie. In the SF Bay area the series shows on Friday nights from SF with many “encores”, and from San Jose at 1am (!) Tuesdays.

  2. says

    This morning’s “Morning Edition” on NPR had a great interview with a former interrogator concerning his experiences in Iraq. Whether or not you believe the use of “harsh measures” are justified, the story this guy has is worthy of being listened to.

  3. quork says

    GOP’s Kean plans ‘Swift Boat’-style film

    By DONNA DE LA CRUZ, Associated Press Writer
    WASHINGTON – Republican Tom Kean Jr.’s campaign plans a “Swift Boat”-style film accusing his Democratic rival of involvement in a New Jersey mob-connected kickback scheme despite public records and statements disputing that claim.

    I am SHOCKED!, SHOCKED! I say, to find that a Republican would use such tactics.

  4. quork says

    News tidbit:

    Nazi ship to become vehicle of faith

    ZAGREB (Reuters) – Croatia’s defense ministry has donated a World War II Nazi ship to a local Roman Catholic monastery, which will turn it into a sailing church, the Jutarnji List daily newspaper reported Tuesday…

    I guess there’s no point in starting a thread on this due to the high probability of running into Godwin’s Law.