1. says

    Gee, I thought all biologists had to be able to draw? Back when I was a lad we were told that you had to be able to sketch what you saw through the microscope if you wanted to study biology. To me it seemed pretty stupid because cameras had actually already been invented by that point. In high school I only knew how to draw one type of cell so I ended up drawing it everytime I looked through a microscope. This caused me some difficulty with teachers who were hung up on ideas such as “accuracy” and “reality.” Thank God the Republicans are getting rid of such concepts.

  2. thwaite says

    Jin can indeed draw – better than most, and her topics and ‘tude are well-chosen. What does she get for her drawing besides the cornucopia listed in the comic? Serious RSI and the classic penury of a not-yet-big-time artist. (Her site also lists originals, prints & a few paintings – free ad here.)

    So what’s up with fellow-“artist” Kinkade these days? Not much news since March. (Jin impaled him then, here: )