I think I shall never clickOn a poem as lovely as Tiktaalik

I saw it first at Virge’s place, but Mike Snider is also on the blogroll and I would have gotten to it eventually…but hey, if you’re a fan of fossil tetrapods and poetry, here’s a treat: a Tiktaalik sonnet. You can also view some drafts of its construction, which is developmentally interesting, I think, and not quite as messy as chopping up embryos.

I think my title reveals why I’ll leave the poesy to the pros.


  1. Y.B says

    Nice! Tiktaalik sonnet. How about an Ode to Acanthostega, or Ichtyostega Blues? Something for those more musical than me to think on…

  2. G. Tingey says

    Yes, there are pro poets.

    Ther is even an offical poet in England.
    The Poet Laureate.
    Their official job is to write odes for the crown.
    But, usually the job is given to the person thought to be the best living English poet.
    As you might imagine, there have been disasters (Alfred Austin)
    And at least one person who was worthy turned the job down, as although mixing with the highest in any society, he refused all honours except the Nobel Prize – can you guess who?
    But there have been brilliant selections – John Masefield, and John Betjeman were both excellent.
    The current guy, Andrew Motion isn’t bad.