Bad trip, man

Ken Cope sent me this link to Pirate Baby’s Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006.

He did not tell me to drop acid before watching it, and he could have at least warned me about the epileptic seizures I’d be having near the end (the ending itself, though, is beautiful).

And what’s with all the hostility towards cephalopods?



  1. jb says

    Good Lord, PZ, is this what grading papers does to you? I was constitutionally unable to watch it to the end. What’s the point?

    Sheesh, old style video games on speed…. I kept waiting for Ms. PacMan to make an appearance.

  2. Busted_Astromech says

    It just goes to show that while you can never trust an octopus, a squid is always cool.

  3. Kristjan Wager says

    Uhmmmmm… slightly political incorrect? I like the exploding pregnant women.

  4. NelC says

    I believe that all the monsters are zombified, so it’s not hostility towards cephalopods and pregnant women, it’s hostility towards the undead.

    And acid? Like the ending of 2001, it’s weird enough without needing to deplete your stash, surely?

  5. idlemind says

    Wow. Just wow. A video-arcade fever dream, circa 1986. Would have been perfect if he’d used the garish color palette of the genre instead of the B/W of pre-WWII cartoons.

  6. Rheinhard says

    Actually, the first time I saw this, linked from, it was described as being in the style of an side-scroller video game for the early Macintosh. Which, as you recall, had a monochrome screen…