Hate mail

I was asked to show some of my hate mail, but I’m afraid I’m not going to dig through all the ancient, musty piles of old email to find it—I have a hard enough time wading through the new stuff! Here’s the most recent, though, which arrived just this evening, although I think it is in response to a post I wrote about a year and a half ago, Is Mike S. Adams a fool?. This stuff just keeps dribbling in.

Mike Adams is god. This statement of truth, however, leads me to another question. Simply put, are you a) a eunuch, b) a hairy-armed white female feminazi type with no discernible talent or c) one of those kool-aid democrats our children are taught to avoid? I would be interested in some typological clarification on this point as you seem like a very perverse bundle of mistaken beliefs and psychological neuroses.

It’s a little more coherent than the usual babble I get, but it says more about him than me, anyway. Note that the original post was about Adams’ anti-evolutionist views, yet somehow it’s been distorted into something about my views on sexuality. I guess that’s not terribly surprising, given Adams’ own insecurities on the subject.


  1. says

    That article was from months ago, and like I said, I don’t keep track of the hatemail or sort into a special folder to treasure forever. It gets dumped or ignored, and eventually buried.

  2. The Dreadful Porpentine says

    I’m not sure that screed, in response to this:

    “Intelligent people know that opinions of Mike Adams’ origin have evolved into two categories. There is the “anencephalic baby” theory, and the “self-organizing pool of mucus and fecal matter” theory.”

    constitutes hate mail. However, PZ’s was much funnier. I think I’ll add “self-organizing pool of mucus and fecal matter” to my own arsenal.

  3. says

    In the original post, you wonder about his statement that “I believe that it is nothing more than the new religion of pseudo scientists who think that they are atheists. It is easy to fall prey to the mistaken belief that you are an atheist in the protected environment of academia.” This guy is a presuppositionalist follower of Greg Bahnsen, who believes that everyone professing to be an atheist actually believes in God, but has deceived themselves into thinking that they don’t believe in God. Another Bahnsen follower, Paul Manata, has been arguing this position in the comments at the Secular Outpost blog.

    Presuppositionalism is sort of the creation science of epistemology–it has no advocates in academic philosophy, even among Christians; no defenses of it have been published even in Christian philosophical journals. Bahnsen (and Manata) actually argue that ethics, logic, and science all presuppose the existence not only of God, but specifically of the Christian God–anyone who doesn’t believe in the Christian God is somehow engaging in self-contradiction if they use logic, have morals, or engage in science.

  4. says

    Man, I don’t know how you can throw out hate mail – it’s like nicknacks you buy at a yard sale you intend to use someday. Like the guy who called me ‘another retarded f*ing Yankee with all the answers’. I just know I’m going to use that in a tagline sometime.

  5. Tara Mobley says

    I don’t really have anything constructive to say except: Yay! The Gumby background is back! Posting it behind some incoherent hate mail was a wonderful reintroduction for it.

  6. Torbjorn Larsson says

    Note to siteowner: I use the latest FireFox and I _don’t_ see dear Gumby! Makes me wonder what more is missing…

    “‘another retarded f*ing Yankee with all the answers'”

    Nice mail filter that b**p*d correctly! Anyway, since you have all the answers, can you give some of them to us? I currently happen to know “42” for some unknown reason, but could use some more.

  7. Tara Mobley says

    Torbjorn Larsson, I’m on FireFox, and I see dear Gumby, but he’s very faint.

  8. Henry Holland says

    No, no, no, people. It’s obviously 4 8 15 16 23 42. Get with the program. :-)

    s.z. at World O’Crap regularly takes Dr. Mike out behind the woodshed for an intellectual hiding. Great stuff.

    I’m a little worried about PZ’s hatemailer, though. “Mike Adams is god”? Hmmmm….I’m sure they meant “Mike Adams is A god” but imputing on Mike Adams that all-knowing, all-seeing, all-powerful thing seems a bit much.

  9. Graculus says

    I must admit that I have an answer for every question that has been asked of me.

    Most of the time, the answer is “I don’t know”.

  10. Great White Wonder says

    PZ, you should at least keep a track of how many people out there are “praying for you” … perhaps a little meter on the side of the Pharyngula home page.

    You probably have more people praying for you than most Christians. So you got that going for you.

  11. Great White Wonder says

    “Mike Adams is god”? Hmmmm….

    Holy fucking shit, wait ’til Clapton finds out.


  12. shaker says

    anyone who doesn’t believe in the Christian God is somehow engaging in self-contradiction if they use logic, have morals, or engage in science.

    So by that argument Socrates, Aristotle, and others where closet Christians eventhough they predated Christ?

  13. Sweettp2063 says

    That’s what the fundamentalists/right-wingers do. They try to degrade a person because they cannot argue intelligently against factual science. In other words they attack the messenger instead of the message.

  14. Torbjorn Larsson says

    Thank you all for the nice answers! I will try to put all of them to good use. When? “I don’t know.”

    Thank you Tara, I too have the latest FF, but all I see is a slightly larger left bar without the former blue background. I guess I have tor try modify my settings or possibly some picture format, then, if I will see the reurn of the Gumby.