1. CanuckRob says

    This is bad, very bad. I had no idea there were links between Sasquatches and Pacific Tree Octopuses. The Tree Octopi are well known as advance land forces of the Cephalopod Overlords but they were not considered an immediate threat. With the improved land mobility avaiable through alliance with Sasquatch our time is getting very short.

    Our best hope would be to publish false information “proving” that cooperatoion between such different “kinds” could only come about because of Intelligent Design. This will so anger the Cephalopdd Overlords that will direct the Octo-Sasquatch teams to attack the Discovery Institute thereby buying us all addtional time to prepare.

  2. afarensis says

    I did say it was mean, and lots of people on that thread disagreed (your names will be reported to our Cephalopod Overlords and you will probably be the first people fed to the Sasquatches)…so I, for one, am happy with the alliance!