Lies, all lies

That is not my picture, I’ll have you know, and although last night’s party was lightly attended, it was quite pleasant, with plenty of food and good conversation, and it went on until midnight. I had no idea how louche Grrlscientist was, though…I should have gotten a photo of her dancing on the table with the lampshade on her head, but I figured it would be breaking her anonymity to publish it.


  1. says

    i put the lampshade back in its place so it’s as if nothing never happened, but that picture of you weeping is still on my site.

    of course, i will take it down if you insist .. for a price!

  2. afarensis says

    If she has a lampshade on her head how do we know it’s really grrlscientist? Could be an anonymous squid groupy and we would never be able to tell. Stangely defensive post…

  3. says

    Sorry, I meant to ask if anyone has actually ever seen anybody dance on a table with a lampshade on his/her head? I’ve heard about it all my 59 years, but I’ve yet to see it.

  4. afarensis says

    …PZ is afraid you all will recognize me by my tattoos…

    Well, there goes the anonymous squid groupy theory. I’d still hold out for, maybe, a Dawkins DVD before I removed the picture…

  5. says

    well, yes, as i said, i can be bought, and a Dawkins DVD is a reasonable payment to remove the incriminating evidence from my site. until i want something else from PZ, at which time i shall drag it out again, polish it up and post it.