If you support women and girls in sports

the threats are not from trans kids.

If you support women & girls in sports, the threats are not the other competitors, trans or not.

If you support women & girls in sports, the evidence has shown us again and again that the threats are from the coaches, the doctors, the organizing bodies, and the donors who claim most loudly that they support women and girls in sports.

Here’s yet another look at what harms women and girls in sports:



  1. Rob Grigjanis says

    WMDKitty @1: If that’s all you see, you obviously weren’t watching or listening well. The development and training of elite athletes requires expert support in several fields, including the recognition that male and female athletes have different requirements. Salazar’s team simply didn’t have that expertise.

    Nike seemed to be trusting that, since he had been a star, he must know how to develop stars. That Cain had such a severe case of RED-S speaks volumes about the incompetence of the people entrusted with her training.

    You can read more about the toxic culture under Salazar, and other people who suffered under it, here;


  2. says

    All I see in that video is an entitled white girl

    The video could just has easily featured Simone Biles.

    I think Crip Dyke’s point is well made.

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