Photographic Proof That Centaurs Exist (Updated)

And use advanced light-bending camouflage to pass as human:


Here’s another:



As a bonus for your patience, the woman with 2 elbows in her left arm:


  1. kestrel says

    Well, that is some really… ah… *interesting* anatomy going on there. I’m trying to figure out how the rib cage of the woman with two left elbows works. Yikes.

    And here I thought it would be some politician who was the clearly the North end of a South-bound horse.

  2. rq says

    *raises hand*
    I have some questions? About spine length and suppleness and their limits? In uh horses?

  3. says

    I think they’re an entire category on Escher Girls.
    Also, of course, classical boobs and butt pose. The amount of men who do not know that this is not anatomically possible for human women (snake ladies and centaurs are a different matter) is amazing.

  4. Pierce R. Butler says

    The redheaded 150°-bender in the middle also has a humanly-impossible hand – but I bet she plays piano wonderfully…

    The Christian in the bottom shot may have two elbows in both arms – or at least an extra-long right forearm.

  5. avalus says

    “Anatomy for Artists” (or something similar) was clearly not on their reading list.

    Whats up with the first ones foot? And the second ones hands? And does the artist of the third one think that breasts ar liquid filled ballos taped to the chest?
    I laugh but only with a facepalm. This is as stupid as the jelly-jiggle-physics in videogames.

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