Worst Treated Politician in the Ever?

It has been noted many places, not least of which being this prestigious blog, that Donald Trump and cohort have labeled his opponents a “lynch mob” and declared the effort to investigate Russian electoral-interference schemes to be a “witch hunt”. Donald Trump himself said that he could assert “with surety” that he was the victim of the worst treatment and most unfair treatment of any politician in the history of the world in which Donald Trump invented the phrase “priming the pump”.


I have been quite skeptical of these claims for the existence of, inter alia, high tech lynch mobs. But I don’t know, I think I’m beginning to see Trump’s point.

I mean, It’s this kind of behavior he’s complaining about, right? Except, in his case, much more serious and much less fairly motivated, I’m sure.


  1. says

    “worst treatment of any politician”? Come now, Donald. Obviously some US presidents were treated worse. After all, you haven’t been shot dead yet.

  2. naturalcynic says

    Trump narrowly beats out the treatment of Cambodian prisoner at Tuol Sleng prison by the Khmer Rouge. Between 17,000 and 20,000 political prisoners from the old regime and important members of the Khmer Rouge who were purged were only subjected to being stripped and shackled, water boarded, forced confessions, starved forced to confess, flayed alive, subjected to “medical experiments” including bled to death, partial dismemberment, and other tortures and finally after about two months beaten to death. There were 7 survivors. My tiny violin makes such a sad song for the president.

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