Hold My Beer: Sean Spicer Edition

Best Twitter response to racist, ignorant Sean Spicer’s callousness and othering?

The close-to-perfect tweet by Joe Walsh @WalshFreedom gets us nearly there:

@pepsi and @united: There’s no way anyone could have a worse PR nightmare than what we had.

Sean Spicer: Hold up. I got this.

But it could have been note-perfect if only it had ended

Sean Spicer: Hold my beer.

Oh, but wait!

Here’s everything you could have asked for, and more, from Joe Hudson-Small @joehudsonsmall:

Ken Livingstone: Nobody can be more insensitive about antisemitism than I’ve been this month.
Sean Spicer: Halte mein Bier.

I sense the coming of a new series of posts for Pervert Justice.


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