Research help for a post about strikes

So there’s been a surprising amount of interest in my post about the claimed Domino’s strike, and that post is… very thin on useful information.

As such, tomorrow I’m pulling together a post on strike history, tactics, and resources.

The goal is to have a basic overview of how and why strikes work, what makes them fail when they fail, and what efforts are currently underway for rent strikes, labor strikes, and a general strike.

This is a topic I’m still learning about, so I’m going to be drawing heavily on the knowledge and experience of other people.

If anyone reading this has resources they think would be useful, or news stories they think are relevant, I’d be grateful for the help with research; please post them in the comments below.

Image is a poster from Industrial Workers of the World. It's a red poster with white block text and a sillhouette of a black cat with white eyes. The text reads

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