Domino’s franchise goes on strike. This is what America needs right now.

Update: Go here for more info on direct action!

Update: This is the original post, from what I can tell. It’s a bit unclear whether this is an actual strike or aspirational, and I can’t find info on the exact location.

A tip if you engage in a strike- Tell the local press – don’t wait for them to find out secondhand.

[Image is a post from r/Dominos:

It finally happened. All employees are sitting outside our store on strike.

This morning our GM announced he would no longer continue working unless offered paid sick leave and store shutdown for 14 days, as our entire store has been confirmed to have been exposed to COVID-19.

He then told us “good luck!” and walked outside. Every single driver on shift right now followed him outside. The other two insiders did as well. The store is fucking empty.

Every employee is sitting outside the store on the curb, turning away anyone who tries to come inside.

I peeked inside a few mins ago and we’re like 85 orders down and you can see tags just pouring out of the printer.

Franchise owners have become aware of this and are apparently on their way to talk to us in person.

Hopefully local news comes here as well, as word about this is spreading pretty quick.

I urge you guys to do the same.]


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    I don’t know where this is, nor have I been able to find out. The reddit post is from about 22 hours ago from what I can tell, but no identifying info.

    The advice was more at a general level for people looking to do what these people are doing – the post says they’re hoping the local press would show – I’m saying that people in general who’re in that situation should use their strike time to try to make that happen.

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