“If we’re going to invest billions of dollars in space, please let us do it intelligently?”

Rebecca Watson has a response to Trump’s “Space Force”, and it’s worth your time.


Whatever they once were, the GOP has become entirely dependent on viewing other individual humans as the biggest danger to white men America, to the exclusion of all else. If you try to talk about dangers like climate change, the focus is immediately redirected away from anything that would require a change in the status quo to the scary terrorists illegal alie- Oh.

Has anybody checked to make sure that Trump doesn’t think Men in Black is a documentary?

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  1. StevoR says

    Cheers for this! Good video and yes. In fact, please lets try doing everything more intelligently generally can we everyone? But yes, this especially.

    Incidentally re : 2 minutes 30 seconds in or so; Carl Sagan makes a good and rather disturbing point in one of his books (Pale Blue Dot I think) about us developing the technology to move asteroids & why it may be a good idea to wait until we have more reason to do so .. Marsh of Cimmeria – the myth (?), metaphor and mistake. (Spelling?)

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