Stephen Hawking Has Words for Agent Orange

From LiveScience

Stephen Hawking does not feel welcome in Donald Trump’s America. The renowned physicist made this unhappy claim in a recent interview, and he expressed particular concern about how the Trump administration is treating the issue of climate change.

Hawking discussed U.S. politics during an interview with ITV’s “Good Morning Britain” on Monday (March 20). Hawking, who once called Trump a “demagogue,” said the new U.S. president was elected by “people who felt disenfranchised by the governing elite in a revolt against globalization.” The Trump administration’s policies pertaining to climate change, and science in general, are an attempt to satisfy that electorate, Hawking told interviewer Piers Morgan.

Well… okay then, Professor Hawking…

“[Trump] should replace Scott Pruitt,” Hawking said when asked if he had a message for the U.S. president. “Climate change is one of the great dangers we face — and it’s one we can prevent. It affects America badly, so tackling it should win votes for his second term. God forbid.”

Hawking also said Trump’s sanctioning of two oil pipelines continues the country’s reliance on fossil fuels.

However, Hawking did note there are signs of hope in the world — for instance, the rise of women in powerful political positions.

I’m not sure I agree with him about how Trump won (I feel like I constantly have to remind people that he lost the popular vote in a landslide, and that current investigations could reveal that his electoral college win was not legitimate at all), but otherwise, it’s nice to see someone like Professor Hawking make a statement like this.

Also appreciated his shout-out to politically powerful women. I agree that this is a sign of hope for the world…

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