Self Care – Adorable White Kitten Plays With Yarn (Youtube Video)

(So, chigau, in the comments, alerted me to something I honestly should have already known. So I’ll be avoiding “cute animal” compilations from now on, sticking either to livestreams or non-compilation videos where the animals are actually playing. The original video here was a compilation of mischievous cats. I did watch it a couple days ago, but apparently wasn’t playing close enough attention. So, I’ve changed the video…)

What do you do and/or enjoy for self care? Let me know in the comments!


  1. says

    Hold on… I’m going to have to watch this again. I don’t remember a dead cat, but if there is one, I’m changing the video…

  2. chigau (ever-elliptical) says

    Alot™ of the yutub “cute” compilations include clips of animals in a state of absolute terror, sometimes close to death.
    The people who post them do not seem to have anything like empathy.
    Mostly I don’t watch because it makes me sad.

  3. says

    Yeah… you know… I never thought about that. And I should have because Alex (Ania’s girlfriend) talked about that like a year or two ago. I’ll avoid the compilations from now on…

  4. says

    Okay. I’ve changed this video. Thank you for reminding me, chigau, and I’m sorry. I’ll be more careful about the animal videos I post in the future.

  5. chigau (ever-elliptical) says

    Thanks, Nathan
    A few people will be puzzled.
    But we all do yutub so we all know the hazards.
    It is not all that hard to miss the sketchy ones.

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