Self Care – LightSail Then and Now (Youtube Video)

This is just something that’s really cool. It’s called LightSail, and is a really amazing idea about moving through space… by light. It’s a video from the Planetary Society (I’m a member). I love this idea so much. Today is gonna be a day for science, I think…


  1. StevoR says

    Off-topic but hope it helps -- there’s this (almost -15 k off)M landing on Pluto video too :

    NASA is also letting people choose (from their options admittedly) what the Juno spacecraft flipping around the poles of Jove images next :

    Plus it has chosen two new missions to fly :

    One to the Jovian trojans (6 of them on both leading and trailing orbital sides) & one to a huge metal asteroid that might have been an ex-planet’s core.

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