From En Tequila Es Verdad: Ban Bannon – Call Your Reps

I’m going to quote most of it here, but make no mistake… you WILL click on this link. This is one of MANY calls to action.

I’m going to say it outright:



Trump is not welcome as my president, and, if you are a decent person, he should not be welcome as yours. And this, my friends, is your first battle:

Ban Stephen Bannon. Do not allow him to be elected by Donald Trump. He is the very definition of a White Supremacist. The KKK, Neo-Nazis, and many others fucking love him. He cannot be allowed to be Trump’s Joseph Goebbels. He must be stopped.

From Dana:

We don’t want an America founded on racial hate. We don’t want an America run by hate groups. We don’t want this shitstain anywhere near the levers of power in this country.

How are we going to let people know? Well, outside of linking this post on your social media feed with words like Fuck No Stephen Bannon, here’s what to do: if you have the ability, call your representatives. Here is a post with handy scripts and links to getting their numbers and everything.

Calling is best, but if, like me, you either haven’t got phone service, or you’ve got a hella horrible phone phobia, or both, write. Like, handwrite. Seriously. Grab a piece of paper and a pen, and write a note to your reps, then mail it to them using a stamp. You can send an email if you haven’t got stamps or can’t handwrite worth a shit, but emails are very easily ignored, so. And you can type, but apparently our political system is stuck back in the 19th century and they pay more attention to handwritten letters. You could always try typing up the main draft and then appending a handwritten sentence saying something like, “THIS IS SUPER FUCKING IMPORTANT SO BLOODY WELL READ THIS AND ACT THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH.”

Okay, you should probably avoid naughty words and all caps, but you get my meaning.

If you’ve got some spare time and some opportunity and don’t have any social phobias that would prevent it, you could even tell your reps in person. It is really a lot harder to ignore someone who walks up, shakes your hand, and says, “What are you going to do about that white supremacist Trump just appointed, hrm?”

Whatever you do, do something. Because even if we can’t stop his appointment, we can make it crystal clear we do not accept his hate.

This is just one battle. But we must fight it, and we must win it. We cannot allow White Supremacy and Fascism to take over this country. We must stop it. And this is one way we can start.

But this is just one way. There will be, and are, many many many other calls to action, and many many many other battles in the war for the soul of the United States. The kind of US you want to live in is up to you. If you’re fine with what’s happening, you should probably stop reading this blog.

If you want to live in a US free from fascism, free from patriarchy, and free from white supremacy, you must act. Now is the time.


  1. rpjohnston says

    A couple of questions.

    1. How can I find out if my representatives have already made a statement regarding Bannon? Googling news stories is hit or miss at best.

    2. If they already have is there any point to calling with one of those scripts? The last thing I want to risk is bothering them to do something they’ve already done and make them think no one paid attention the first time, or even worse lose favor for our side.

  2. Some Old Programmer says

    @1, the fastest way to find out your rep’s position, if any, on Bannon is to call their office and ask.
    Also, the method of communication that has the most impact is the hand-written letter from a constituent. If they’ve already come out with a statement you agree with, a letter saying “thank you” can also have real impact.

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