Astronomy Picture of the Week – In Saturn’s Shadow

Time for a new series!!!!! Astronomy Picture of the Week!!!!

Totes original, right? I’m… like… the first person to ever think of doing this!

But seriously… I’m not an astronomer, but I’m addicted to the universe. Whether presented in false color or true color, the images sent back to us by our satellites and telescopes are wonders to behold. And I have to start with this…

This image, In Saturn’s Shadow, is why Saturn is my favorite planet… it’s simply beautiful.

Saturn Eclipses the Sun

In Saturn’s Shadow

The link I provided above takes you to the catalog page for the image at NASA, including links to download the highest resolution files of the image, if you want to. And I recommend it, because this image has a little surprise when you’re looking at the highest resolution.

Can you see it? It’s interior to the G ring and above the brighter main rings…

Pale Blue Dot

What do you think this is?

Do you see that pale blue dot?

That’s right. That’s the earth. That’s us. As seen by Cassini from Saturn.

How amazing is that?!?


  1. StevoR says

    My all time favourite astronomical photo.

    Pale Blue Dot in perspective -- one distant and overshadowed perspective.

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