I approve this message.

Today is primary day in NYC, and in a happy turn of fate, my polling place happens to be the amazing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center on 13th Street. As soon as I exited after voting, I spotted one of those big package drop boxes plastered with a graffiti tag and a big blue sticker with white block lettering:


It’s interesting to me that it took, like, a nanosecond to visualize exactly whose little finger this message urges us to break. These mere five words reference several mainstream memes about our Cheetohead-in-Chief, including his notorious “tiny hands” and his infamous ravings on a certain social media platform. What struck me immediately afterward is that, outside of right-wing conservative gatherings, one almost never sees in the physical world a political message blatantly urging direct and specific physical violence against anyone, much less against a Big Willie Republican.

Color me impressed.

Then I thought hey, that sticker is illegal, and not just for defacing the drop box (which let’s face it is probably a regular occurrence). I’m pretty sure it violates New York state election law, which prohibits among other things any “political banner, button, poster or placard” within a hundred feet of a polling place.

And of course aaaaaall of this got me very interested in the tiny print under those big block letters. I was hoping for a website or social media handle, but what I found upon closer inspection was waaaaay better. Yep. This message was brought to you by…


OMFG. I love everything about this.