Morality Police: Who will prosecute the prosecutors?

Oh, this is odious yet delicious.

In 2022, Iran’s “morality police” (who could give the Shah’s SAVAK a run for their money in the brutality olympics) arrested and murdered Mahsa Amini, a 22 year old Kurdish woman, for how she covered (or didn’t cover) her hair.  Her murder led to nearly a year of protests in Iran that still continue.  Just yesterday, the Iranian regime arrested Behrooz Behzadi, editor-in-chief of Etemad, for factually reporting on the censorship of journalists, artists and others during the protests.

The head of the “morality police” is Reza Tsaghati, a strict hardliner.  Well, if by hardliner you’re referring to his penetration….

On Wednesday, a video was posted to Telegram showing a man, reported to be Tsaghati, engaging in sexual acts with another man.  The Iranian regime has “temporarily suspended” him from his position.

If this turns out to be true, we’re in for some interesting events.  In the past, the regime has given its hypocritical and patriarchal “religious leaders” a slap on the wrist for things they do.  Iran is a fascist theist state which murders (“executes”) LGBTQIA people for consensual sex acts.  Will they protect one of their own (likely only persecuting the partner in the video), or “enact justice” the way they would against powerless citizens?

From QNews Australia, an LGBTQIA site:

Iran suspends morality enforcer over gay sex vid

The Iranian regime suspended senior morality enforcer Reza Tsaghati over a gay sex vid on Wednesday.

Reza Tsaghati was the head of culture and Islamic guidance in Gilan province. He previously founded a cultural centre focused on piety and the hijab. As Gilan province’s chief morality enforcer, he was known for his strict enforcement of mandatory hijab-wearing by women.

Iranian hardliners are still trying to make up ground over missteps following the death of Mahsa Amini last year. The young Kurdish woman died in police custody. She endured a severe beating by Guidance Patrol officers who arrested her for wearing her hijab ‘improperly’.

Mahsa Amini’s death triggered ongoing nationwide protests.

The gay sex vid posted to a Telegram channel allegedly shows Reza Tsaghati having sex with a young man.

The authenticity of the gay sex vid remains unverified with neither man positively identified. Nevertheless, on Wednesday, authorities removed Tsaghati from his position during their investigations.

Consensual adult gay sex remains illegal in Iran and punishable by death.

Ain’t it funny how the rabid, racist, and rightwing media like the BBC can cover a story well when it aligns with their agenda?

Iran sex tape scandal: Government says no prior knowledge of alleged behaviour

A sex tape in Iran has led to the suspension of an official in charge of promoting Islamic values – and prompted authorities to deny any prior knowledge of his alleged behaviour.

A video posted online allegedly shows the head of culture and Islamic guidance in Gilan province, Reza Tsaghati, having sex with another man.

Their identities and the video’s authenticity have not been verified.

Mr Tsaghati has been removed from his post while authorities investigate.

Homosexuality is illegal in Iran, with LGBT+ people at risk of harassment, abuse and violence.

The video – which has been widely shared on social media – has caused furore online. Mr Tsaghati is the founder of a cultural centre focused on piety and the hijab.

On Saturday, Iran’s culture minister Mohammad Mehdi Esmaili said no negative reports relating to Mr Tsaghati had existed prior to the video’s publication.

Some have said the removal of Mr Tsaghati from his post highlighted the difference in how Iranian officials are treated when accused of a crime compared to the LGBT+ community, or women who do not adhere to Islamic rules.

“Highlighted the difference”, the same difference in the arrests of Cheetolini versus Jack Teixeira.

Exiled Iranian cartoonist Mana Neyestani published this on twixter (*):

(* “It is an ex-bluebird.  It has ceased to tweet.” – Montelon Pythmusk)