Left To Die: Callous and cowardly cops are here too

In August, Taiwanese police were engaged in a roundup of foreigners working without legal visas (expired but did not leave, ran away from their jobs, etc.).  Slave labour has been a problem with arrests as recently as last spring.

During one of these raids,  Taiwanese police murdered Nguyen Quoc Phi, a 27 year old Vietnamese man who was being arrested. He tried to escape and was shot nine times. The police did nothing as he slowly and painfully bled to death. No first aid, no call for an ambulance, no attention at all as he lay on the ground suffering.

The video below is interesting not because of the content, but its source: the Hsinchu County Fire Bureau, itself a government agency. It didn’t require private individuals who happened to be there. (Something tells me there will be consequences for the person who released the video.)


Protests by human rights groups and social activists have been going on since the shooting in late August.



  1. EigenSprocketUK says

    The [migrant] worker’s father said his son ran away from his job to avoid the high broker’s fee.

    So… he’s a modern-day slave? They let the fleeing slave bleed to death. FFSaargh.