Spooktober – Days 3 & 4

I’m doing a thing with some people to do 31 horror story concepts within October…


TITLE:  Draw Down

PREMISE:  Korean and Japanese gangsters are both looking to take over a financially vulnerable casino in Las Vegas.  The mob bosses know a shootout in the city is a bad look, and strike a weird gentleman’s agreement.  They rent a touristy “Wild West” town for a weekend and take all their men there.  Then they hole up in a bulletproof lounge with a view of the streets and order their men to gunfight to the death.

HORROR ELEMENT: The violence is hyper and suffering real. No medical help for the fallen. The survivors decide their bosses gotta die for putting them thru that, team up to kill ’em nasty.


TITLE:  Bear Trap

PREMISE:  A trapper tries to build a cabin.  The setup can be for a historical/educational look at how cabins are built.  Until…  One disaster after another holds up his progress.  He’s left in the rain, barely surviving, too weak to finish the job properly.  That’s when bears get interested in eating him.  He has to convert the unfinished cabin into an elaborate bear trap.

HORROR ELEMENT:  It’s Saw for bears.  Time to repent that they didn’t cherish pic-a-nic baskets when they had the chance.



Spooktober – 31 Horror Concepts

Content Warning:  Horror Content.

I’m doing a thing where we vote for a horror sub-genre each day of October, then come up with a concept for it.  I’ve been turning in my entries at the last minute, so I’ve resorted to gritty reboots as a creative shortcut.  My concepts thus far:


TITLE:  The Turbo Teen

Premise:  Gritty reboot of that 90s cartoon where a teenager transforms into a hot rod.  He comes home one night unable to remember where he’s been, clothes kinda ripped up.  He lays off the booze but his friends are all peeeer pressure.  Then he starts to have random attacks where parts of his body violently transform into machinery.  An older woman at a bar he used a fake ID to get into seduces him and while they’re about to do it, her pelvic area turns into a motor that tries to rip off his junk.  (She’s the “Scarlet Woman” from The Cult’s song “Love Removal Machine.”)
He hops away and she’s like awooo and turns into a car.  Then he turns into a car to fight her and she realizes he’s the victim of her hit and run on the last full moon.  She takes him under her wing and teaches him how to be a horrible werecar.  But he rebels because he wants to be a good werecar instead, and they fight.  All the while his personal regular life is falling apart because of body horror hijinx.

Horror Element:  turn into machines plz



PREMISE:  Gritty reboot of The Velveteen Rabbit, which is already pretty effin gritty, bear with me.  All the other toys that had to get burned because the kid had Generic Victorian SIckness?  Back from the dead, and Velveteen has to fight them.  This would be staged as a play with dancing, singing, and wirework kung fu.

HORROR ELEMENT:  The burned toys will be played by actors in black clothes with gritty chunks of toy stuck to their extremities.  They’ll dance fight with Velveteen, who will be played by a bunny-eared actress in Milla Jovovich from Resident Evil mode, and at the end she’ll realize she was meant to die as well.  She’ll do a big song/dance number with them and fall into their arms.  The closing curtain will be black velvet.