Spooktober 2022, Day Sixteen

Spooktober is a 31 day event of coming up with original horror ideas based on prompts my writing group argues over.  These are my entries.

SPOOKTOBER DAY #16 — Dark Fantasy

TITLE:  Blades of Blasphemia

PREMISE:  The Ascetic Order of the Scourge Dragon wants everybody to wear concealing clothes and toil unto death for the reptilian savior.  Ximura starts a revolution against them, assuming the name of Blasphemia.

Incidentally, this image was generated by the same prompt as the “Josefina’s Descent” cover, this one shading more Frazetta than the other.  Also, anyone who knows about AI knows I photoshopped that hand in, haha.  First row of google results for “hand gripping knife.”

HORROR ELEMENT:  The AOSD priests are low-key cenobites but less fun.  How can she hope to win against the only government anyone has ever known?

Poster by AI, modified with photoshop.

fake cover for "Blades of Blasphemia"


Hey whatcha think, sisters?  Maybe I should write something about these two, if it’s not too ‘sploitive.

fake cover for "Blades of Blasphemia"fake book cover for "Josefina's Descent"



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