Pardon Me, Ma’am…

Content Warnings:  Ableist Nightmare Stuff, Unwanted Advances.

Had a dream where a man on the bus confessed his love for me.  This was nightmarish, though I wasn’t feeling the elevated fear typical of that dream state.  The man was very deformed, of course.  He had a face on the back of his head that he spoke with.  Both faces were partially skeletonized with missing noses, and one was also missing eyeballs.

The bus isn’t a good place to holler at a stranger, I think.  My brains were taking that lesson and dialing it up to a million.  I’m just taking note of this in case I want to incorporate elements of it into horror writing someday.


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    had a dream last night that started out with star wars bs, but darth V won. was hayden christensen but with black hair like kyle ron, and had galaxy ruining force powers, could move stars n shit. all hope was lost so me and my homies were going to suicide pact. i think we were all defective clones of amidala and/or leia in what changed to a high school setting, as the star wars shit kinda faded but the suicide thing remained. there were complications and foolery, more black comedy of errors than nightmare.

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    had a dream last night “obor” was a word meaning “your spouse’s body odor, as distinct from your own.” random detail in a dream that was about something else completely, of course, but good grief.

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