Spooktober – Days 27 & 28

I’m doing a thing with some people to do 31 horror story concepts within October



TITLE:  Get Your F*ckin’ Shinebox

PREMISE:  Nicky and Toto are brothers and shoeshine boys.  Toto wants to get “made” in the mob and catches a break when a desperate mobster asks him to dispose of a body.  Nicky finds out about it the morning after when he wakes up to find their shared apartment turned into an abbatoir.  Nicky is no criminal and hates murder, but he also doesn’t trust cops and doesn’t want his brother to die, so he reluctantly helps and covers for him.

The mobster doesn’t really have the pull to get Toto made, but when the boy does a good job on the first body, he recruits him to help with more, all the while holding out hope that he’ll get made, all the while driving Nicky to depths of horror and despair.

HORROR ELEMENT:  Pretty straightforward gore fest.  Nicky snaps and lets a fed know about the situation in exchange for Toto not getting life in prison.  Toto is cornered into helping a sting on the mobster, but is OK with the betrayal because he’s getting wise to the exploitation.  Things go sideways because the mobster insults him one too many times and his temper explodes. The deal is off, Toto is going to be arrested for murder.  It might be funny if, when the feds say that, Nicky grabs one of their guns and kills them all, Toto helps stash the bodies, and once again, they get away with it all.


SPOOKTOBER DAY #28 — Creepy Kid

TITLE:  Kevin’s Kreeps

PREMISE:  This is more an idea for a framing device for another set of stories.  Why are there no kid Crypt Keeper / horror host types?  For a set of horror shorts on TV, the host is a kid with overalls and red hair in a hideous late seventies bowl cut.  He treats the victims in the horror stories like ants under a magnifying glass, laughing at their misfortunes between segments.  Maybe he’s a latchkey kid and each episode has to end with his mother coming home and him putting on an innocent act.

HORROR ELEMENT:  Evil kids is evil man.

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