Choose Your Own Adventure

I wrote like the first third or fourth of a choose your own adventure novel last month. I’ve got the pages hyperlinked so you can read it from the beginning here. Unlike the original CYA books, this one sometimes has choices and sometimes has “variables” where you should choose the option that matches a choice you made earlier in the book. If anyone reads this thing, let me know if you run into stuff that doesn’t work or causes problems.

It’s a sort-of-erotic sci-fi space thing. Probably there should be some content warnings here, but I’m not sure what. I don’t remember anything being too egregious. There is one option where you are not respecting a person’s boundaries, but they already made you a captive in the story, so is it more problematic than the setup itself? Don’t know.

I wrote it so that the reader is the main character, which meant making every direct reference to you gender neutral. Hopefully not too awkward. The writing is a cheesy first draft, but not as cheesy as it probably should be. I feel like I need to make the writing more melodramatic and big, give the characters more distinct voices. But never mind all that. Have a go at it, if you please.


  1. mikekaye says

    I did not radio ahead
    I bluffed
    I selected Alcyone and tried to get into her head

    You came to the party. … Madam Thebe’s voice came from behind this wall of gluttony. … She really believes in what she does? Messed up.

    And then boldface statements of fact with no way to proceed.
    I presume: Probably not worth reading ‘til it’s finished.

  2. says

    Thanks for the review. I wonder if I messed up a link, jumped to the party too fast with Alcyone. Though she did have a few relatively stubby paths one could take. The first part of the book is meant to be your time with one of the droids. The party is a dividing line for that, so the second half of the first part is more time with droid, could get heavier. I don’t have it done yet, so sadly… kinda short.

    Thanks for the run through. I’m going to check to see if I messed up a link in that path…

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