Know Your Audience!

Know your audience! If you choose your audience well, you have no need to be funny, or informative, or rational, or coherent.

Ok, maybe you all already knew that. But I’ve been teaching at Cuttlefish U., and our students are actually pretty smart, so I clearly have not chosen my audience well. And you, dear readers, are even smarter (and probably better looking, and you likely smell pretty good too), so I can’t get away with things like cheap flattery.

Actually… come to think of it, you *are* smart–so could one of you please explain the following to me? From context, I get that it is supposed to be funny. That’s point B. I need somebody to get me there from point A: [Read more…]

Appeals Court: DOMA Unconstitutional (Next Up, SCOTUS?)

Three judges–two Republican appointees and one Democrat appointee–have issued a narrowly defined ruling, saying that the Defense Of Marriage Act unconstitutionally deprives gay men and lesbians of the rights afforded to heterosexuals. It does not address the legality of same sex marriage at a national level, but it is a start.

In celebration, a verse I wrote for New Hampshire, the first day its Civil Union law came into effect. Since that verse, NH has legalized same sex marriage; with any luck, the Supremes will put the cherry on top with federal recognition as well…

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So… I’ve been proofreading. Not just any stuff, but important stuff. On not just one or two, but three important fronts.

So my brain is utterly depleted. I am quite happy with my comments, and ecstatic about the papers that will eventually be produced. But damn.

So, on the off chance you are in a similar position, I offer you my aspirin. The band’s name is “Fun”.


I have my reasons for loving these. I hope you do, too.