Ah… Easter.

It’s the Easter egg hunt down at Beaverdale Park
With activities scheduled from dawn until dark–
Would you like to join in on the fun? On your mark,
Set, and go!
To and fro!
And explosion of children cascades on the lawn
They are searching for eggs, hither, thither, and yon;
The older kids soon reach the forest, and on
Down below!
There they go! (continues, wonderfully:) [Read more…]

When Writing Term Papers On Atheism And Its Consequences…

You could gather information
You could spend a lot of time
Could exert a lot of effort
Even write it all in rhyme
And it’s gonna take some money—
Every copy costs a dime—
If you want to get your paper truly right.

You could show the lack of morals
In the atheistic creed
Their inferior position
Both in motive and in deed
Here’s the argument you’re seeking;
It’s got everything you need…
It’s for purchase, at a paper-writing site.

Oh, you are going to love this–after the jump: [Read more…]

If You Can / If You Can’t (Rock Beyond Belief)

If you can–if you are within a day or so of Fort Bragg–pack up a suitcase, duffel bag, backpack, double-ply heavy duty trash bag, or your 1978 AMC Pacer (hey, I’m not judging you) and go to Rock Beyond Belief this Saturday. They need you there, and you want to be there. Y’know how so many people are saying “I wish I had gone to Reason Rally”, and others are saying “I’m so glad I went to Reason Rally”….yeah, well, this is your chance. Go.

If you can’t–because some of us really can’t–I want something else from you. See, the thing is, no matter how many people show up, I guarantee you there will be people who call Rock Beyond Belief a failure. If only because not all of the speakers were able to walk on water (but they will be able to walk on non-Newtonian fluids at Camp Quest!). If a million people show up, the question will be why such a small percentage of the planet was willing…

I want a million people to show up. That won’t happen. But if a million people show up, I want more than a million people who could not show up to show their support in another way. If you can’t show up, please, donate to the homeless veteran food drive (the button 3/4 down the page). If you can’t spare a lot of money, please donate a buck or two; I want numbers of donors. When someone points to “how few people showed up” (no matter how many show up, that will happen–it happened for the Reason Rally), I want to be able to point to the donations and say “yeah, but the people who couldn’t make it did this instead.” Clearly, the more you donate, the more can be done to help those who need it, so please, if you can give more, give more. But if you can’t give a bunch… give a little. And show your support in numbers. Because even if you give just one dollar, you’ve given infinitely more than someone who just gave a prayer.

Please. I am asking you. Specifically, you. You can help. You can make a real difference. You can be a hero. Or, at least, my hero.

Thank you. Go donate. Edit–don’t use this bottom link. Use the one just above, beginning with “donate…”, and look for the donation button. Sorry, but this last one is a bum link.

Update From Ireland

Via commenter Carigeen, a report of good news and progress from Ireland!

Atheist Ireland today met with Hibernia College to discuss the course notes that made untrue statements about atheism and atheists. The meeting was very productive. The relevant course notes have been removed. Michael Nugent is preparing an initial one-hour introductory lesson for Hibernia College on atheism and nonreligious ethics. After that, Atheist Ireland will discuss with Hibernia College how we can make a more comprehensive contribution towards developing a more pluralist religion and ethics curriculum. Hibernia College will reassure students about its existing commitment to encourage them to give feedback about any concerns they have about the course.

More detail at the link.

Headline Muse, 3/9

Harold Camping is changing his song
And admitting (dear God!) he was wrong
He’s been telling us lies—
Which is no great surprise…
Seems the rest of us knew all along.

Headline: Doomsday Prophet Camping Says Predictions Were ‘Incorrect And Sinful”

Frankly, if you look at his site (kinda creepy, wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t)…

Yes, we humbly acknowledge we were wrong about the timing; yet though we were wrong God is still using the May 21 warning in a very mighty way. In the months following May 21 the Bible has, in some ways, come out from under the shadows and is now being discussed by all kinds of people who never before paid any attention to the Bible. We learn about this, for example, by the recent National Geographic articles concerning the King James Bible and the Apostles. Reading about and even discussing about the Bible can never be a bad thing, even if the Bible’s authenticity is questioned or ridiculed. The world’s attention has been called to the Bible.

We must also openly acknowledge that we have no new evidence pointing to another date for the end of the world. Though many dates are circulating, Family Radio has no interest in even considering another date. God has humbled us through the events of May 21, to continue to even more fervently search the Scriptures (the Bible), not to find dates, but to be more faithful in our understanding.

… I think you’ll agree, his apology is far more earnest than, say, Rush Limbaugh’s. (This, by the way, is my entry in the world championships of “setting a low bar”.)

Headline Muse 2/11

It’s non-binding—there’s no votes to gain
So to say it’s important’s insane
But Santorum, that turd
Placed a far-distant third
While that Romney jerk barely won Maine

Headline: Romney wins Maine caucuses

Again, I wish the networks would report on what incredibly small turnouts these have been. Romney beats Paul by three percent–but that’s less than 200 votes! I’ve taught a good many classes with more students than that. Caucuses, being non-binding, are mostly a way of measuring passion. And there is very little passion. It looks like people are passionate, of course, because the extreme tail of the distribution is very excited. That’s pretty much the job of the extreme tail of the distribution. The monster middle, however, is unmoved and unimpressed.

If the majority of Republicans can’t be arsed to vote for these pinheads, imagine how attractive they are to the general public.

The Essay

What a brilliant exposition of the writer’s point of view!
What an eloquent analysis, and so well written, too!
So insightful and so polished, so well-worded and concise…
Though an answer that related to our coursework would be nice.
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It Being CyberMonday And All…

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Hey, two stops and your seasonal shopping is pretty much done. (I don’t sell chocolate, so you’ll need to make at least one more trip.)

Now… I gotta run. Got a call at 6 AM, asking me to cover a colleague’s 8 AM class. Coffee.